Parkour Pricing

For Parkour, students should wear long pants/sweat pants and athletics shoes

Bronze Membership                                           Gold Membership

$65                                                                     $120
4 Classes a month                                            12 Classes
Referral Discounts                                            3 open gym
Members only Discounts                                  Referral Discounts
                                                                          Members only Discounts
                                                                          1 Guess Pass Per month


Silver Membership                                                 Platinum Membership

$100                                                                      $150
8 Classes a month                                                 Unlimited Classes
2 open gym                                                            Unlimited Open Gyms
Referral Discounts                                                 Referral Discounts
Members only Discounts                                       Members only Discounts
                                                                              2 Guess Passes per month




Non Member Pricings                                              Home School Parkour

Class Drop in $20                                                     Drop in-$15
Open gym Nights $10                                               1 Class a week- $55
                                                                                     2 Classes a week- $85



Unlimited open gym- $99
Kids Open Gym- $5 (Wednesday ONLY)



Members Only Discounts

10% off all monthly memberships for college students (with valid ID)
10% off for each subsequent family member signed up for a monthly membership
15%-20%-25%-30% off Referral discount on membership for that month for every new member you get to sign up for a membership.
25% off for all monthly memberships for military, law enforcement, and firefighters (with valid ID)20% off all Urban Ninja Parkour Special Events, Jams, Competitions and Merchandise